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8 Completely Random Yet Amazing Facts About Golf

Are you passionate about golf? Well, you aren’t the only one! For several reasons, it’s an immensely popular sport worldwide. This sport is versatile and offers opportunities to connect with others. Though it’s a physically demanding sport, it is still relaxing. No two rounds are the same. Challenges and thrills await. The delight of being at a golf course is undeniable.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, continue reading to find out 8 amazing facts about your favorite sports golf:

Did you know that the first sport to be played on the moon is golf ?

Alan Shepard, the Apollo 14 commander who is also a golfer, decided just before leaving the moon’s surface to leave a lasting mark. On February 6, 1971, the Apollo 14 landing site was turned into a driving range. Using a custom 6-iron club, he struck two golf balls on the moon, sending them flying through the moon’s low gravity. According to the claims by Shepard, the golf ball had traveled for miles. Since then, it has landed in a crater called “Javelin.” You can check out the video, it’s on Youtube.

Did you know making a hole-in-one is a 12,500 to 1 chance?

The chances of making a hole-in-one are 12,500 to 1. This is due to the hole’s narrow width. You can go your entire golfing career without hitting a hole-in-one! The likelihood of a golfer hitting a hole-in-one during a game is about 1in 12,500. Amusingly, the chances of getting run over by a car in the US (1 in 4,292) is higher than achieving a hole-in-one. In a game of golf, the difficulty of each hole increases as the course progresses, thus making the chances of a hole-in-one slimmer. Isn’t that some crazy golf information?

Did you know that leather and feathers were originally used to make golf balls?

Initially, the golf balls were made from leather, wrapped in feathers. Can you imagine?
Wet feathers would be wrapped around the leather which helped the feathers dry around the leather. The process was time-consuming and the golf ball didn’t turn out as reliable as you might expect. Moreover, the process of manufacturing them made them more expensive.

Did you know that golf has yet to be credited to a specific inventor?

While contemporary golf has its roots in Scotland, its ancient origins are heavily debated among ancient civilizations. A theory states that golf originated from the Roman stick-and-ball game, paganica. Some believe it originated from Chinese chuiwan played between the 8th and 14th century China. The British cambuca game, the French chambot game, Persia’s chaugán, and the Netherland’s ‘kolven’ are some examples of early games reminiscent of golf. Scotland claims to invent golf in 1457. No one truly knows the origins of the sport. Makes you curious, doesn’t it?

Did you know women had to wait 400 years to play golf?

In the 1500s, Queen of Scots, Mary was the first woman to play golf. Several days after her husband’s death, the Queen of Scots was spotted playing golf. It was the first scandal related to golf. The game of golf gained popularity among nobles and businessmen of the time. During that period, women did not have a place in business, so they were not allowed to play sports. A major milestone was reached in 1811 when women’s golf was officially recognized in Musselburgh, Scotland. A long history of misogyny exists in sports; golf is no exception. So, it took 400 years for women to play golf.

Did you know that the most famous left-handed golfer is actually right-handed?

Use your opposite hand to perform a simple task, such as drawing. It’s tough, isn’t it?
Imagine playing golf with your other hand while using your opposite hand? As a child, Phil Alfred Mickelson learned to play golf by watching his father, who used a left-handed swing. Growing up, he played golf this way and became known for his left-handed swing. Despite being right-handed, he plays golf with his left hand.

Did you know that once a professional golfer predicted his victory?

In 1957, golfer Doug Ford participated in a contest predicting his outcome and score. He described his win to a tee. To many people’s surprise, Doug Ford won the competition based on his precise predictions. The game ended with a score of 282; the exact number he predicted. He had not only won that particular game but also won the contest.

Did you know golf had a re-entry to the Olympic games in 2016?

Following a 112-year absence, golf returned to the Olympic games in 2016. There are still many who are unaware that bringing golf back as an Olympic event was a tremendous success, as it brought together both professionals and fans alike. Approximately 120 players representing 41 countries took part in the event.

It is fascinating that a sport considered boring by many has such a rich and interesting history.