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The ultimate backyard golf game that combines the excitement of golf with the ease of backyard games. It's highly portable with an easy setup and great for all levels. 

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Product Specifications


  • You can play with any golf clubs you have. High Irons between 6-Pitching wedge are the best.
  • The buckets are pinned to the ground using the flag sticks so the game can be played in the wind.
  • Design your holes to be between 10-30 yards apart which is how far our custom balls are made to fly.
  • Bucketgolf sets are available in 3 hole6 holeand 9 hole versions.


  1. Custom design your par 3 course ⛳.
  2. Tee off using any golf clubs you have.
  3. Hitting the outside of the bucket 🪣 counts as scoring to end the hole but if your able to chip your ball inside the bucket you get to -1 stroke off your score on that hole.
  4. If a player hits their ball into any hazards ⚠️ (bushes or water etc.) they must take a drop and a 1 stroke penalty.
  5. Lowest score at the end wins! 🏆


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