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Golf Putt Trainer

Golf Putt Trainer

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Practice your putting indoors or outdoors with this indoor golf putt trainer, the perfect accessory whether you are a beginner golfer or an experienced golf pro. Equipped with a lightweight, portable design, this Putting Mat makes it possible to practice anywhere, in any weather and on any surface. It is made from high-quality material that helps stabilize the ball and reduce bounce-outs. The matt can be placed directly on smooth surfaces such as mud, grassland, cement, and hardwood.

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Product Description

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Get more consistency in less time with an automatic ball return.
The continuous ball return allows you to train without interruption. Keep putting without re-setting. Focus on maintaining a steady stroke and consistent tempo on each putt, and make your training more efficient and effective.

Upslope at the cup and true roll surface.
Never leave it short. Designed to emulate actual putting conditions, it features a gentle upslope at the cup so you can practice accelerating through the ball. The true roll surface is engineered to have a reading to match those found on actual greens.

Guide Lines
The guideline assists with squaring the face, backswing, and follow-through
No chasing lost balls
There is no need to waste time walking to the hole to retrieve the ball. The continuous ball return allows you to keep putting without resetting and focusing on maintaining a steady stroke and consistent tempo on each putt.

  • The putting mat can be placed directly on the surface of mud, grassland, cement, and hardwood.
  • SMART Ball Return System
  • Extra-long putting green ( 11.48 ft ) simulates the length of a real golf course. 
  • High-quality lawn and realistic two-colour fairway.
  • The mainframe made of fine raw wood, natural solid wood, and precise geometric design.
  • The turf is made of environmentally friendly white high-simulation two-colour grass.
  • Large and small, double hole design, putt can be practiced at different levels of difficulty.

Package Includes: 1 Set Golf Putt trainer

LIMITED TIME ONLY. Not sold in stores.

FREE SHIPPING. Note: Due to very high demand, please allow 30-60 days for delivery.

NOTE: This product does not come with clubs and golf balls.

Length: 3 meters /3.5 meters
Dimensions: 0.3*3 M,0.3*3.5 M

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3.5M, 3M

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