Milled Grind ATV Hi-Toe Wedge with Steel Shaft

TaylorMade’s HI-TOE wedge lineup has been expanded to include a full range of wedge lofts from 50° to 64°.  Featuring full-face scoring lines in the 56° to 64° and standard scoring lines in the 50° to 54°, each HI-TOE wedge also has an expanded toe area to deliver high-spin performance whether you’re taking full swings on your approach or playing finesse shots around the green. The HI-TOE wedge offers three different sole grinds to match your style of play:

  • Standard Sole (50°, 52°, 54°)
  • The all-purpose grind that is perfect for full approach shots into the green. This sole is well suited for both normal and soft turf conditions. All of these lofts feature standard scoring lines.
  • 4-Way Sole (56°, 58°, 60°)
  • New 4-way cambered sole with a mid-bounce design of 10°. The leading edge has less belly with a more blunt contour. This new sole has an increased trailing edge and heel relief—great for players with average or steep swings from normal turf and/or softer sand.
  • ATV Grind (58°, 60°, 64°)
  • Channel-cut ATV mid-sole with a bounce of 12°. The “V” shaped leading edge moves through the turf and sand more seamlessly for better contact.



  • Sub-2mm face thickness in every iron pushes the limit on ball speed and distance
  • Ultra-low CG placement for high-trajectory and optimized spin rates
  • Consistently high COR through the set, making it our fastest set from 4-PW ever


  • Multi-material head construction – cast 450SS with milled Tungsten micro weights—creates high MOI in every iron in the set
  • Thin and flexible sole with Speed Pocket for forgiveness where golfers need it most—low on the face
  • Face Slots provide increased ball speed on heel and toe mis-hits for amazing consistency


  • Precision-shaped head geometry for optimal acoustics at impact
  • Advanced Hybrar damper and stiff 3D sound-managing badge dampen vibrations and soften feel
  • Aged Copper Finish
  • HI-TOE design creates a higher and more centered center of gravity for a lower launch and more spin
  • Sole cavity features three trapezoid-shaped pockets to optimize weight distribution
  • Full-face scoring lines to ensure consistent ball contact out of rough
  • High bounce leading edge with increased belly moves through the turf or sand with less resistance for better contact
  • Channel Cut Mid-Sole creates a double sole with separate bounce surfaces to prevent excessive digging
  • Enhanced heel, toe relief and trailing edge provide maximum versatility around the greens


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