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Digital Swing Trainer

Digital Swing Trainer

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Improve your swing with this portable digital golf swing training aid with actual hitting as if you were on the actual field. Thanks to the product’s durable finest carpet mat.
It is the easiest way to master your swing rhythm, prevent head-ups, correct your swing position, exercise your waist, and even improve your muscular strength all from the comfort of your… well… anywhere. As you can practice your swing with minimum space.
The best part is that it comes with a digital large-screen window display with voice-adjustable settings. Instantly showing you results that allow you to monitor your progress. This way, you can correct your swing position as you practice over time.

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$357.91 $329.21

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Product Description

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Correct your swing posture
The product provides correct analysis data according to the built-in digital sensors, and it will help to correct your swing posture through repeated practice.

Maintain the rhythm of your swing
Given the portability of the product, you can practice almost anywhere - indoors or outdoors - to maintain your swing rhythm without having to step on the green.

Help prevents head-up
With the help of the digital large-screen window display it easier to see the the flight trajectory without having to look at the direction of the ball. This is great for you if you are dealing with Head-Ups. You can now prevent it and achieve outstanding results in a short time.

Can serve as a waist exercise
When performing the swing practices regularly, the activity doubles as a waist exercise and improves muscle strength, which is helpful towards shaping for a thinner waistline.

Displays flight distance/ball movement direction/ball grip method directly on the LCD screen.
It uses audio notifications and LCD screen display to confirm the direction of the ball after the swing so you can know what to improve. Also the sensors installed inside the mat analyzes the swings as Slice / Straight / Hook, and the direction of the ball is displayed directly on the screen.

Supports verbal commands
It comes with an audio notification function announces the results via the speaker and can be turned OFF when you need it silent (just press the option twice).

Interesting Features Of the Indoor Digital Swing Trainer

  • Digital large-screen window display. Voice-adjustable settings.
  • Switch between wooden club (WOOD) and iron club (IRON) modes. Display shot distance, 1 yard is about 0.914 meters.
  • Stereoscopic 3D rotation allows you to clearly see the flight direction after hitting the ball: left curve, straight ball, right curve.
  • Beautiful packaging, also suitable for gifts to relatives and friends.
  • High quality, Low price, Fast delivery, Perfect after-sales service.
  • The carpets simulates a real-life lawn.
  • Correct analysis of distance data & club mode selection function.
  • Calculate the flight distance data/motion generated by the ball's rotation speed using the analysis of physical mechanics, select in UD mode.

LIMITED TIME ONLY. Not sold in stores.
Secure Checkout via: Mastercard, Visa & Paypal.
FREE SHIPPING. Note: Due to very high demand, please allow 29-59 days for delivery.

Product's Specifications

  • Product Name: Digital Golf Swing Trainer (No golf club is included)
  • Dimensions: 700 * 450 * 330mm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Display screen size: 11 * 15CM (mirror plane: 6.5 * 9.5CM)
  • Material: steel + rubber + PC + polyurethane + PVC + artificial turf
  • Product original packaging size: 62 * 37 * 12CM

Package Includes: 1 set of Digital Golf Swing Exerciser

Additional Information

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