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CBX Wedge with Steel Shaft

CBX Wedge with Steel Shaft

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The Cleveland CBX Wedge is a forgiving, cavity back wedge for the 84% of golfers who play forgiving, cavity back irons. While its tour level face technologies create maximum spin and control, its shape and weighting are optimized for ultimate forgiveness.

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Product Description

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  • Wide Dual-V sole provides the forgiveness and lift through the turf you need, yet still allows for versatility to execute various shot types.
  • Cavity Back Design distributes more weight to the perimeter for more forgiveness and better distance control on off-center impacts.
  • Feel Balancing Technology moves weight away from the hosel and toward the impact zone for better feel and improved distance control.
  • Rotex Face maximizes spin consistency from all lies to help you get closer more often.
  • Progressive size, shape, and weighting seamlessly blend into your cavity back iron set.


  • The leading edge features slightly more bounce to prevent digging, while the wide rear portion provides more stability and lift through the turf without the club “bouncing” off the turf.


  • The wider toe improves square face and bunker shots. The heel section is narrowed to the width of a traditional wedge for better performance when opening the face.


  • The lower-lofted wedges are shaped to blend with the leading cavity back irons in the market so there isn’t a large disruption in shape when moving from your pitching wedge to gap wedge. We did this through scanning and measuring leading cavity back irons, then designing the Cleveland CBX wedges to blend

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