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The Golfather sincerely thanks you for downloading our free guide to indoor golf! 

Stop Those Three-Putts and Roll Like a Champ With Our Solid Wood Indoor Golf Putt Trainer!

Now that you’ve read our free guide to indoor golf, now you need the right equipment to practice like a pro. If you are stuck indoors, you might as well spend your time rolling putts like Tiger Woods.

StoP Those Three-Putts and Roll Like a Champ With Our Solid Wood Indoor Golf Putt TrAiner!

Now that you’ve read our free guide to indoor golf… you now need the right equipment to practice like a pro.If you are stuck indoors, you might as well spend your time rolling putts like Tiger Woods.

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The Golfather Indoor Golf Putt Trainer

Who’s the Golf Putt Trainer REALLY for?

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This training device is really for anyone wanting to sharpen their putting skills. Built with high-quality materials and impeccable craftmenship, this putting equipment feels exceptionally close to the real thing. Whether you’re looking to stop those three-putts, or you just want to maintain your magic of consistent two-putts, this putting trainer is for you.

Thegolffather Golf Putt Trainer ProductThegolffather Golf Putt Trainer Product Rolled Up Fo Easy Carriage

What’s in it for you golfers?

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You know those long days stuck in the home office? Or those chill nights unwinding and relaxing with the family? Those moments are perfect for the Golf Putt Trainer! Once you get into the habit of using this fantastic device, you’ll notice immediate improvements to your game. Designed with life-like turf and solid wood, the Golf Putt Trainer not only looks incredible, but it can also lower your scores within days!

Thegolffather Golf Putt Trainer Product Rolled Up Fo Easy CarriageORDER NOW


The Golfather Golf Putt Trainer has tons of features to bring your putting game to life. 

Here’s what this top-of-the-line device has to offer:

Automatic Ball Return

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Say goodbye to chasing down those golf balls. The Golf Putt Trainer comes with an automatic ball return, so you never have to leave your stance. This means continuous success as you nail putt after putt! This insane feature allows golfers to focus on maintaining a consistent stroke with a solid tempo.

True Roll Surface

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With our training device, you’ll never have to putt on those uneven wood floors or bumpy carpets ever again! The Golfather Golf Putt Trainer is made with turf that provides a fantastic putting surface. It’s engineered to have a reading that matches those found on actual greens. By practising on something so close to the real thing, it’ll help you bring those stellar putts to a real course soon. Once that snow melts, you’ll be ready to tackle any green that comes your way!

Strategic Upslope

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This equipment comes with an upslope right near the cup. This is designed to emulate actual putting conditions, allowing you to practice accelerating through contact easily. This amazing feature can help you master those challenging greens and conquer any course that comes your way! After all, you’re not born great; you grow great.

Guiding Lines

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Do you have trouble hitting straight putts? Does it feel like your putter isn’t hitting in the right direction? If so, our Golf Putt Trainer can help you narrow down those shots in no time! This device comes with useful guidelines, allowing you to focus on hitting the ball square throughout your swing and follow-through. After just a few days of using the Golf Putt Trainer, you’ll start to see straighter putts and more consistency!

Extra-Long Putting Green

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Many putting mats out there are far too small. While you want to tell yourself you never have to practice long putts, sorry pal, I don’t think I’ve seen you on tour. The Golfather Golf Putt Trainer provides an extra-long putting surface, much longer than similar equipment from our competitors. As real golf courses have greens that extend 100+ feet, you need the right stimulation. Our putting device comes in two convenient sizes: 3 meters and 3.5 meters.


This Could Be the Answer to Your Golf Game!

Are you tired of leaving your putts two feet short? Are you sick of consistent three-putts, or four-putts, or even five-putts? We get it — putting isn’t easy. But for many golfers out there, putting is the number one issue in their golf game.

The Golfather Golf Putt Trainer could be just what your game needs! Just think about it: if you consistently fire three-putts and this top-notch golf training device makes you a two-putt master, that could shave 18 shots off your score! So as you respect people who tell the truth, I’m telling you this Golf Putt Trainer could be the best thing to ever happen to your golf game!

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How Does It Compare to Similar Products?

There are many golf putting trainers out there. Some are big, some are small, but none compares to the Golf Putt Trainer from The Golfather! Here are some reasons why this device beats out the competition:

Lightweight and PortableUnique, Sleek Wood FinishEnvironmentally-Friendly Turf

The lightweight design makes this golf trainer extremely portable! Take it to the park, a buddy’s house, or your backyard! As the setup is easy, transporting it is even easier. Users simply take apart the wood panels, roll up the turf, and bring the Golf Putt Trainer anywhere that’s convenient for them! This capability also makes the storage process a breeze.

Most putting trainers out there are made with plastic or other low-quality materials. But when it comes to The Golfather Golf Putt Trainer, its sleek design and high-quality wood make this equipment unlike any other trainer in existence! Additionally, the frame is made out of raw, natural wood, bringing a reliable, dependable piece of equipment right into your living room.

Our Golf Putt Trainer is made with environmentally-friendly turf! Unlike other companies that don’t use the most eco-friendly materials, we make an effort to offer products that limit the harm done to our precious planet.

An At-Home Golfing Experience Like No Other

The Golfather Golf Putt Trainer takes indoor golf to new heights. Though the standard putting mat can work great, nothing compares to the power of our putting device. With a solid wood frame, long putting distance, and an automatic ball return feature, our Golf Putt Trainer will have you practicing all day and all night!

Time To Play Thegolfather

Why Now is the Time to Buy!

We are still in the midst of a very strange time across the world. With COVID-19 still very prevalent, many people remain hunkered down inside. And with winter temps in full force, we’re all huddled up at the fireplace, just looking for things to do at home.

While you love family time (after all, a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man), you still need some moments to yourself. And why not spend that time sharpening your putting skills!? But what’s even better is that you can get the family to join in on the fun! From your two-year-old son to your 90-year-old grandpa, our Golf Putt Trainer is something the whole family will love!

As golf courses are closed and you’re spending more time under your roof, now is the perfect time to give The Golfather Golf Putt.

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What You’ll Get

Thegolffather Golf Putt Trainer Product

Our training device includes:

• Extra-long golf mat with two hole sizes

• Natural, polished wood frame

• SMART Ball Return System

*Clubs and golf balls not included.


Say goodbye to those miserable putts and say hello to lower scores! 

Buy our affordable Golf Putt Trainer today!

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