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Over $500 in prizes. 10 Winners.

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No one ever said golf was an easy game

It’s full of extremes, from joyous highs to devastating lows and everything in between. It tests our patience and resolve, challenging our ever-shaky confidence with every swing of the club. Golf is hard, but it’s part of the reason we love it so much.

The world of organized crime is no different, and Glacier Falls Country Club owner, Don Macelli, is well aware. For decades, Macelli has dealt in the business of golf and,more importantly, the business of crime.

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As his club prepares to host the biggest golf tournament it’s seen in years, Macelli is focused on more than just greens and fairways. The plaid-trousered mob boss has put together a huge deal, a shadowy exchange of counterfeit golf equipment for a large sum of dirty money. In the coming days, the club will reap the benefits of a praise-worthy charity event along with coffer-filling criminal enterprise. If all goes as planned, it will be a banner weekend.

But just as one’s golf game can be unpredictable and downright disastrous, so can alife of crime. When Don’s precious score is derailed in shocking fashion, a series of events soon follow, shaking Glacier Falls and the Macelli family to its very core. As the hours and days after the botched deal’s fallout unfold, the criminal expertise of Don and a number of others in and around the club will be relentlessly tested. Will Don and his criminal associates be able to cover their tracks and pull off the massive tournament in the face of disaster?

This dark, comedic tale blends the tragic beauty of a world surrounded by shiny fairways and greens with the mysterious underbelly of organized crime that flourishes when the sun goes down. It’s hard to improve a poor golf game without fighting through adversity. If you want to lower that handicap, you’ll have to battle through those struggles and overcome them. Perhaps the same philosophy can be said of running a crime syndicate. If that’s the case, Don Macelli and his cohorts are about to have all sorts of adversity dropped in their laps. Will they fold under the pressure, or take their game to the next level? There’s only one way to find out.

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