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It’s your passion. When you’re not playing, you’re setting tee times. When you’re not scheduling rounds, you’re daydreaming about playing. You smile and imagine a strong, straight drive down the middle of the fairway, or a perfectly delicate pitch shot over a troublesome bunker.

You watch countless tournaments on television, keeping track of even the most obscure pro players, and taking note of every swing adjustment they make. You’re always thinking about the newest balls, gloves, clubs, bags. You’re even agreeing to play rounds with your unbearable brother-in-law, just for an excuse to step onto the course, and guess what. IT’S WORTH IT.

Your obsession with the links is deeply rooted and growing more powerful by the day. You respect the history of this beautiful sport, but do others actually respect YOUR game? They should. They will.

Sure, a lead pipe to the knees at the turn from a trusted, tight-lipped associate might do the trick, but there are other ways to garner respect. From stylish apparel to boldly designed coffee mugs and accessories, The Golfather logo makes people take notice. Merely seeing it will inspire a reverence for you that’s been lacking in your game. For some, it may even inspire a tinge of fear, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

If you’ve got an equipment itch that needs scratching, and let’s face it, we all do, The Golfather has that covered, too, featuring a wide range of product reviews and equipment upgrade suggestions. Truth be told, your clubs are just extended family members, and you’d do anything for the family, right? You certainly would.

Golf is a Lot of Things

It’s joyous and infuriating. It’s filled with euphoric highs and soul-crushing lows. Its beautiful simplicity is matched only by its incredible difficulty.But no matter how you play a particular lie, hole, or round, there’s always one constant with golf.


You’ll never turn your back on it, because you could never turn your back on something you love, even if you wanted to. Go ahead. Try to walk away if you like. But, be assured, once you think you’re out, it will pull you back in. It always does. It always will.

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Golf Shafts Can Change Your Game – A Shaft Buying Guide

Golf Shafts Can Change Your Game – A Shaft Buying Guide

The shaft of a golf club is the “engine” of the golf club, yet it ends up being ignored and a lot of golfers do not realise its effect on overall performance. A shaft's length, flex, torque, kick-point, weight and alignment — all contribute to the performance of your...

A Guide for beginners to Swing a Golf Club

A Guide for beginners to Swing a Golf Club

Coming from someone who has been playing golf for over 40 years, if you are thinking about starting to take up the game, start with some tips for beginner golfers. For a beginner swing, a set of lessons is probably the best thing that you could do. This will not only...

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