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10 Tips on How To Properly Grip Your Golf Club

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Gripping the golf club is one of the most important aspects of the game. If you don’t grip the club correctly, your shots will suffer.

Also, gripping the club correctly will promote proper wrist action, which is crucial to consistent ball striking.

Anyway, here are 10 tips on how to properly grip your golf club:

1. Use a light grip

Many golfers grip the club too tightly. This can lead to tension in your arms and hands, which can affect your swing. Instead, try to use a light grip. This will help you keep your hands relaxed and improve your swing.

2. Don’t grip the club too tightly

As mentioned above, gripping the club too tightly can lead to tension in your arms and hands. This can affect your swing and cause you to hook or slice the ball. Instead, try to grip the club lightly. This will help you keep your hands relaxed and improve your swing.

3. Place your thumbs on the top of the club

When gripping the club, place your thumbs on the top of the club. This will help you keep the club in position and improve your grip.

4. Place your hands close together

When gripping the club, try to place your hands close together. This will help you control the club and produce straighter shots.

5. Use a interlocking grip

Using an interlocking grip can help you maintain control of the club. To use an interlocking grip, simply place the little finger of your right hand between the index and middle fingers of your left hand. Then, do the same with your left hand.

6. Use a overlapping grip

An overlapping grip can also help you maintain control of the club. To use an overlapping grip, simply place the little finger of your left hand over the index finger of your right hand.

7. Use a baseball grip

A baseball grip can help you control the club and produce straighter shots. To use a baseball grip, simply place your hands close together and interlock your fingers.

8. Don’t change your grip mid-round

Once you’ve found a grip that works for you, stick with it. Changing your grip mid-round can lead to inconsistency in your shots.

9. Practice your grip

The best way to improve your grip is to practice it. Grab a bucket of balls and head to the driving range. Focus on gripping the club correctly and making smooth swings. After awhile, you’ll develop muscle memory and be able to grip the club correctly without thinking about it.

10. Get fitted for a grip

If you’re having trouble finding a grip that works for you, consider getting fitted for a custom grip. This is a great way to improve your grip and ensure that you’re using the best possible grip for your game.

Gripping the golf club correctly is essential for good shots. Use these tips to improve your grip and take your game to the next level.

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Reading insides, tips, and golf stories may evolve you from a mid-level player to a high-class golfer with little effort but a lot of theory.

Read the beginner’s guides, how-to articles, and many more exciting pieces and engulf the knowledge inside. But never forget that you can never learn as much on the blog as you will play the game.

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